Fujian Paileesha Nursing Products Co., Ltd. is a modern life care products enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, marketing and service. Products include Paileesha baby diapers, pull-ups, adult diapers, menstrual pants and other daily care supplies.

Paileesha Industrial Park is located in the main road of Anhai Town, Jinjiang City, with convenient transportation, active economy and businessmen gathering. Paileesha has always been focusing on product quality improvement and innovative technology research and development, has advanced production equipment at home and abroad, and strives to build Paileesha into a domestic professional modern life care products enterprise.

Paileesha not only provides high-quality products and services for consumers, but also insists on the common growth of employees and enterprises, aiming at achieving the goal of synchronizing the value of enterprises and employees. No matter how fast the market changes, Palisa insists on honesty and pragmatism, takes consumer demand as the starting point, and takes building a strong brand as the vision to move forward steadily.

Paileesha is committed to optimize product details, to pursue product quality, with the world's high and quality to provide global consumers with high-quality baby, adult health care supplies. We are enjoying healthy health care with the world.